Balleydesmond Polka 1 and 2

  Ballydesomond Polka no.1     Ballydesmond Polka no. 2         The  three Ballydesmond Polkas can be found on a number of recordings and websites.  The order and numbering given here is from the album entitled The Star Above the Garter, by Denis Murphy (1910-1974) and Julia Clifford (1914–1997), siblings from Sliabh Luachra.  The area called Sliabh Luachra (pronounced Schleeav-lokhra, with the ‘kh” as that middle-of-the-mouth growly bit) is a region at the intersection of three counties, Cork, Kerry, and Limerick; and is famous for its musical style and for producing some outstanding Irish players.  The order given … Continue reading Balleydesmond Polka 1 and 2